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Schattdecor concentrate on the essentials

It goes against Schattdecor, for thirty years among the leading developers of printed decorative papers, finish foil and melamine for the most renowned companies in the sector in the wood materials and furniture on a global scale. In a world overwhelmed by information, trends, impulses and suggestions, Schattdecor tip allessenziale, outlining a precise trajectory for its customers. Focus on what elegantly basic Decor Selection for the specialist of decorative presenter next marzo.Ma what it is about in detail? The Decor Selection encloses twelve designs, all with a potential bestseller. The collection the result of analysis of your various trends lasting a whole year, where they are compared to the design Schattdecor departments, development and commercial designs. Encircle again introduced the trend over the last few editions of Interzum and Sicam: Casual Black, Freestyle Clarity and Cultural Spirit which will serve as guidance for customers. With Decor Selection, Schattdecor wants to convey to its customers a valid message and current trends. In this post will follow a comprehensive consultation process. Any trend in fact be later adapted to individual needs, he emphasizes the Design and Marketing Director, Claudia Kchen.

  • Decor Selection Schattdecor

Decor Selection

Decor Selection in the company highlights its natural predisposition to the reduction allessenziale. No easy task, after all: the business unit actually selects its designs to countless dispirazione sources, from unenorme current DInformation and in technology possibilities. Our task to recognize the New, parse it and then transmit it clear to the customer what they crucial for him. This altres our orientation for the future declares Claudia Kchen. And Decor Selection embodies such statements. It will therefore be extremely interesting to see how deep analysis by Schattdecor trends will be reflected on the future decorative design.