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  • Before Cefla Finishing

Spraying from any angle you want to see the

Whatever the spraying needs - and this depends on the needs of various customers - Cefla Finishing proposes a solution of misura.Dalle early stages of development of automated spraying, until the robot so far more advanced, issues such as productivity, the flexibility and ease of use were addressed dallimpresa Imola in the most practical and customer-oriented way. Since different market segments are more and more adapting to meet the growing demands for customization and increased complexity of the finished products, vital for a company to be able to adapt its capacity to one spray scenario in so rapidly changing. A supplier able to meet the highest possible number of different requirements provides immediate benefits and long-term benefits when the market faces a new cambiamento.Cefla Finishing offers the widest range of technological solutions for the coating and drying providing individual machines or complete turn-key systems mano.Nella first image, bEFORE: when you switch from manual spraying in an automated solution, this machine is the most convenient and reliable option due to its ease of use and low operating costs. FIRST, an oscillating sprinkler, single-arm, can have up to 4 at low or high pressure guns, easy to replace, and which provide excellent coating and a considerable saving of paint.

  • Myth Cefla Finishing

Myth of Cefla Finishing

Cefla Finishing also proposes MITO, the perfect machine for small and medium-sized accessories and can be equipped with one or two spraying arms, transport to or CFB paper and a high precision reading bar to the incoming pieces. also it equipped with systems designed to save and recover much more paint can, particularly by selecting a carbon fiber mat (SFBC). Maintenance costs are minimized thanks to a suction system overspray efficiently and at large filtration area. The opening of the machine from both sides and the possibility of quick extraction of the tanks facilitate the maintenance operations, allowing a saving of time and an improvement in overall productivity.

  • Easy Cefla Finishing

EASY for glossy and matte finishes and large volumes

Aiming for maximum quality and uniform finish combined with extreme ease of use, EASY Cefla Finishing (third image) oscillating spray two cutting-edge arms, ideal for glossy and matte finishes, able to respond to the needs of production of large volumi.Dotata of a solvent-proof continuous belt transport in carbon fiber (CFB) off 1950 mm, ensures an excellent recovery of the paint and long lasting performance. Each arm can be equipped with a maximum of six guns and three paint supply circuits. There are different configurations according to the needs of the customer, such as the unit door interchangeable guns with fast-coupling device for rapid cleaning of guns or replacement of the paint.

  • Roctre Cefla Finishing

ROCTRE, for high productivity

Cefla Finishing also proposes ROCTRE (fourth image), which represents the ideal solution for complex painting lines with a high level of automation and high produttivit.Si is an oscillating sprinkler with two arms for flat or shaped panels, equipped with filters in dry or water and CFB transport, capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 meters per minute. Suitable for the application of large quantities of paint, thus reducing the number of hands required, ROCTRE ensures a constant quality and can be equipped with containment cabins, systems of input, output or complete, for most standard demanding.

  • Ibotik Cefla Finishing

IBotic And iBotic K, high-performance robot

Available in two versions, iBotic (fifth image) and iBotic K, this Cefla Finishing robot, which always offers products and technologies, offers speed, flexibility and unmatched precision. Both machines meet the new standards of energy saving and environmental protection: iBotic K with one arm and be equipped with paper transport, while iBotic can be fitted with two arms for increased productivity and a CFB transport for recovery paint extremely efficiente.La handling static and moving elements ensures the excellent quality of the surface finish and edge and sophisticated movements of the arms include four axes controlled electronically and a fifth axis to the edge with programmed automatic positioning.

  • Igiottoapp Cefla Finishing

iGIOTTOAPP, state of humanoid robots

Maximum versatility and painting, iGIOTTOAPP (sixth image) accurately represents the most advanced technology among the anthropomorphic robot with six-axis movement to 3D elements, floors and panels sagomati.Garantendo exceptional repeatability and uniformity of finishing, painting iGIOTTOAPP sized objects up to 3 x 1.3 m. The robot requires maintenance reduced, thanks to the automatic device which in a planned cleaning of the nozzles and also equipped with remote assistance via the Internet. When the pieces entering the spray zone, the 3D scanner captures an image of the piece. A sophisticated internally developed software able to manage the past most simple and also the most complex, thanks to a highly flexible range of parameters that can be set so as to accurately adjust each part of the processo.iGIOTTOAPP not only a high-precision spraying solution, but also provides an effective response to the growing complexity of today's market.