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News in the field of painting and finishing

Xylexpo - Milan May 24 to 28 - at the doors and Giardina Finishing will be present with the latest news and his vocation allinnovazione.Ma we step back and analyze the core business of this enterprise: Giardina Finishing this for years on the woodworking market with a range of solutions for the treatment, the painting elessiccazione on different types of media and with different types of materials. Among the strengths of Giardina stands the inclination to get involved to find solutions tailored to different projects and to study with its partners the ideal applications. A team of designers and engineers in the mechanical field and a team of electricians and programmers are developing ad hoc responses to customer needs. Essential synergy with leading manufacturers worldwide paints. Over the past three years Giardina Finishing has continued to develop the UV Plus technology for energy savings and maximum flexibility nellutilizzo of GST polymerization ovens for UV coatings. He also continued the study of microwave ovens for applications based paints acqua.E paved the way to LED technology, becoming the supplier of a famous Italian brand. Giardina in the laboratory can test new technologies and perform coating tests with technicians who have years of experience.

  • shaped spray panels

Giardina Finishing in Xylexpo

But what presenter allimminente Xylexpo? The finishing line Glossy, a compact and efficient solution. Giardina also the new presenter Dualtech 416, the latest in the field of spraying of shaped panels, with a completely redesigned filtration system and a wider surface of the strip of sliding pieces, so as to facilitate the recovery of the product and prevent contamination artifacts.