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  • Ground quartz

The quartz, one of the most resistant minerals

Okite a solution designed and engineered by skilful combination of quartz, polyester resin and natural pigments. It is realized by Seieffe Industries, based in Montesarchio (BN) - Reference Company in the production of quartz agglomerate sheets, and marketed worldwide by SIC Srl * (Italian Society Commercial) .Okite compound until 93% of quartz, one of the most resistant minerals and of greater appeal, able to create a multifunctional surface. Resistant to stains, heat and scratches, five times stronger than granite pi, non-porous, easy to clean, it does not require special maintenance. It does not absorb liquids and has an excellent level of protection against oil, coffee, wine, carbonated drinks and many other everyday products, and this makes it the ideal partner for the food world.

  • Okite quartz worktop

Functionality and pleasantness united in Okite

Okite certified as safe and hygienic product suitable for food preparation areas. Its surface, completely non-porous, or dellumidit prevents absorption of food and does not require the use of protective chemical agents. Practicality and aesthetics thus come together in a perfect combination, it marked also by unattenzione particular against THE ENVIRONMENT: materials from green sources, eco-sustainable production processes and quality certified and strongly oriented research the usage more efficient use of natural resources. Okite was also present at the Triennale, inside the Village Materials 2014 edition of the Milan Design Week, this time creating a more conceptual space, characterized by great visual impact and immediacy of expression, aimed at celebrating the founding material DNA of Okite: the quartz.

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