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  • Laminam large slabs

Laminam slabs in the kitchen and bathroom

Thanks to their remarkable flatness, extreme lightness and excellent material properties, large and minimal thickness ceramic slabs are widely used in architecture and furnishings. With over one hundred surfaces in the catalog, the production of a sector leader such as LAMINAM offers a wide spectrum of aesthetic possibilities, designed to satisfy all tastes: natural and soft colors, ultra-modern, industrial and three-dimensional textures. April will represent a precious opportunity for LAMINAM to talk about oneself, revealing all the uses of large ceramic slabs in architecture and furnishings. And LAMINAM will be present at the International Bathroom Exhibition, where it will transform the 200 m2 exhibition space into a multifunctional Sharing lounge with a relaxing power, within which to touch the innumerable potential of the ceramic slab through a variety of neutral tones that marry with purity and hygiene. The space, so candid and uncontaminated as to seem almost suspended, uses the surfaces in a continuum with a strong impact: from the flooring to the cladding of the conceptual building up to the large central top. The stand offers the two souls of the company: the 1000x3000mm 3 and 5mm thick format used for floor and wall coverings and the 1620x3240mm 12mm thick one chosen for all horizontal kitchen and bathroom tops. This exhibition space will therefore become a concrete inspiration for professionals in the sector, who will be able to reproduce the multifunctional lounge in sharing places such as airports, stations, ships, spas, hotels.

  • Laminam sheets

Laminam slabs in the kitchen

2016 is also the year of Eurocucina, and therefore LAMINAM proposes the FuoriSalone installation at the showroom in Via Mercato 3, entitled “New Dimensions for Kitchens”. It is a focus on large and high-end kitchens made with 1620x3240mmx12mm thick ceramic surfaces. The new 1620x3240mm series with 12mm thickness, offers a total of 14 colors inspired by elements such as concrete, marble, wood, iron and solid backgrounds. Created to increase the degrees of freedom with a view to better optimization of the material, the collection is offered as an alternative to materials such as marble and stone with a higher cost and ecological impact. The kitchen top in the center of the Showroom becomes the beating heart of the space and at the same time the theater of a series of demonstrations of the properties of the slab: hygiene, ease of cleaning, resistance to fire, heat, wear and scratches .

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