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  • light metals in modern furniture

Light metals in furniture

The presence of light metals in the furniture design sector represents a marked trend, in which artisan knowledge and craftsmanship celebrate their revenge. This is demonstrated by the use of these materials in the latest collections of the great protagonists of the world of furniture, such as Ingo Maurer and Piero Lissoni, who aim to combine the research of contemporary design with materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, machined or "Although the latest polls show a decline in the light metals market (Reuters data), the positive expectations on investments are based on the belief that a supply deficit is finally being created, destined to last for years, and the estimate of the International Lead & Zinc Study Group aims to boost consumption that could derive from the strong demand for steel also in the foreign countries of Northern Europe, which increased by 15 # 37 last year "states Illesi GM, CEO of H2X, a leading company in Italy in the sector of light metal carpentry.

  • light metals

The flexibility of light metals

“The international design trend is made up of contamination of materials and morphologies. H2X, thanks to its certifications and the refined project phase, fits right into this segment, combining productivity and sustainability. In fact, growth does not only mean increase, but also balance. It is essential to be able to find a balance between growth and sustainability, especially in a sector like that of metals, which has always been the target of criticism. For this reason - continues Illesi GM - with H2X we are very attentive to this value. The structure where we operate is fully equipped with a roof of photovoltaic panels that reduce production costs and produce a significant saving of energy resources. " H2X interprets the world of metal traders in a multifaceted way: ergonomics are its main feature, while it draws inspiration from new international trends.

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