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  • Margraf marble in the kitchen

Marble: a classic for the kitchen

It is possible to customize an important environment such as the kitchen with a natural, timeless and elegant material such as marble, which adapts to both classic styles and contemporary designs. Below, we focus on Margraf marble, completely natural and non-toxic, not treated with chemical components or paints, extremely durable as it remains unaltered over time, hygienic because it is easy to clean and very versatile, since it lends itself to multiple uses: from the top from the kitchen to the sink, from the shelves to the floor. The company offers a wide selection of marbles to satisfy every taste, such as polished Nero Belgio or polished Giada White, capable of embellishing a kitchen with a minimal and urban character. On the contrary, the glossy Bianco Statuario or the Emperador Dark are suitable for a more classic or country style; the hand-picked Istrian Giallo d'Istria is recommended for a decidedly original setting. Thanks to the latest technologies, which allow the use of increasingly innovative machinery and extraction and processing systems, Margraf marble is available in a wide selection of types, colors, thicknesses and finishes.

  • Margraf marble in the kitchen

Margraf marble

Margraf has a long history behind it. The entrepreneurial path of Margraf - originally Industria Marmi Vicentini - in fact began in 1906 in the province of Vicenza, in Chiampo, and is characterized, from the beginning, by a strong attention to research and technological innovation and, above all, to close collaboration with prestigious international architects. Today, after more than 100 years, the company is rightfully placed among the leaders in the sector on a global scale: skilfully extracting marble from its own deposits to transform them into smooth slabs or small tiles, offering a huge range of precious materials. and products of excellence for construction and architecture - from internal cladding to external facades, to furnishing elements, from the bathroom to the kitchen - are just some of the added values of the Margraf brand. Finally, Margraf never loses sight of respect for the environment, but rather by investing in all those interventions capable of reducing any type of environmental damage.

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