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  • recomposed quartz and marble

Recreate the qualities of nature

Stone Italiana is an avant-garde company in the production of recomposed quartz and marble. Over the years, the production has adapted to the transformation of the way of using the material and currently Stone Italiana is able to recreate typical qualities of nature such as uniqueness, unrepeatability and variety, creating products that improve performance, for a increasingly demanding market.The company boasts a natural propensity for research: Stone Italiana favors investigation in every production area, from the aesthetic range to the improvement of product performance. It undertakes to increase the mechanical strengths, to contain the thicknesses and weights of the slabs; experiments with innovative colors and textures and researches mixes and grain sizes tailored to the customer. Innovation and technology are the cornerstones of the culture of quality that have always been pursued by Stone Italiana.

  • recomposed marble

At the service of planners and designers

The Stone Italiana product is subjected to an advanced and controlled production process, the purpose of which is the creation of products suitable for demanding and specialized uses in the field of furniture-design and construction. quartz. The production process involves the mixing of aggregates (quartz, marble) of different granulometry, (from powder to grit of the order of 5-6 mm), organic dyes and polyester structural resin (in the percentage of approximately 7 # 37); the latter in addition to the binding action allows to obtain - in the finished product - optimal values in terms of resistance to bending, impact, imbibition and, more generally, makes it possible to reconstruct the mass of the recomposed with physical qualities and performances superior to the natural product of departure.

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