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  • Franke Stone by Lapitec

worktops stone sintered

Lacciaio of worktops for kitchens dellatelier of Design at Franke Aarburg (Switzerland) stands out for the incredible durability and non-porous surface, which guarantees maximum hygiene of the top. However, to break the daily life in the kitchen, users often require other materials and colors in addition to steel, possibly with similar properties. That's why Franke has expanded its range with the new Franke Stone by Lapitec material. It is a material that, as lacciaio, stand very well the test of time and really solid, impact-resistant and stain. notable features that blend well with contemporary elegance olestetica classic. A timeless style, therefore, for Franke Stone by Lapitec.

  • Plan Franke Stone Lapitec

The detailed material

But what is it? Franke Stone Lapitec by a sintered stone, with a clear staining in all the material, which does not contain resin and oil derivatives and manufactured with environmentally sound techniques. Thanks to the excellent resistance to bending and remarkable lightness, the recommended synthetic stone for kitchen worktops. Also antibacterial, resistant to acids, fire and UV rays. Quality that leave appear dinvecchiamento signs in time. natural colors and surfaces that are typical of synthetic stone make s that the multifaceted Franke Stone by Lapitec material opens new horizons for the furnishing of cucine.E regarding the technical specifications? These tops are available with thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30 millimeters, with two versions of the edge solution. Also proposed are four variants of finishing in different surface structures, with ten color shades: Dune reproduces the sand of the desert and the aesthetics of split slate stone effect. Vesuvius seems granite flamed or brushed, while Satin stands for a silky shine. Finally Lux plays with the lighting effects of the premises because of its surface almost mirror, absolutely smooth.

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