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  • Hi-Macs solid surface

New generation acrylic stone

HI-MACS a pioneering non-porous material designed for multiple uses. Composed of 70 # 37 of bauxite (natural stone powder), a 25th # 37 of acrylic resin and a 5 # 37 of natural pigments, the HI-MACS Solid Surface material combines the refined look to the flexibility and creativity . It is used for domestic use, for the construction of commercial premises or to create decorative items, this revolutionary acrylic stone leaves room for creativity and allows the creation of projects, shapes and designs that did not previously have been possible. A large number of quality make the material HIMACS Solid Surface a distinctive architectural element unico.HI MACS by LG Hausys, a global leader in technology and distributed by LG Hausys Europe based in Geneva.

  • Stools made of Hi-Macs

HI-MACS by LG Hausys? Turn on? the Milan Fuorisalone with Karim Rashid

The Temporary Museum for New Design, for ledizione 2014 Milan Design Week, now has a number of special projects. In this context, LG Hausys, a world leader in technology, takes part allevento and has an outstanding concept between reality and imagination, weaving lines of an authentic and visionary project. The living space offered by LG Hausys, unesclusiva installation created in collaboration with Karim Rashid, eclectic designer, sees HI-MACS as undisputed star, in a variation of colors, energy and creativity from the searched value is both artistic architecture. The design of this surprising apartment is named Sparkle Krib (to sparkle, glitter and crib, house), a study on the visual power of the sinuous lines and especially color.

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