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  • Marble Alfa Marmi

furnishing marble

What would be the dellarredamento sector without the valuable contribution of the marble? Knows Alfa Marmi, historical bell enterprise specialized in the manufacturing and sale of high-quality marble and granite. The inherent variability of nature, which makes every single element and unique, located in the marble one of its most real expression: just palliate the consideration with which, for over four decades, the enterprise develops every family new commessa.Ed always this thought that inspired the choice of the marble blocks at the origin: in the belly of the quarries from different countries of the world, where Allocca brothers know with certainty steal the secret hidden in the rocks, made of matter, color and imperfection. But also a lot of work and expertise. The nature does not propose the finished product, remember. It must work it and the marble requires special effort and continuous contact with the cold water, dust. You must know and love him. Two conditions that can be felt along allodore marble in the halls of San Gennaro Vesuviano. And they have kept the straight bar in the center despite the constant fluctuations in tastes and the contemporary changes in terms of technological upgrading, dellorientamento in the structure of global mining geographies and constant confrontation with sophisticated industrial materials with which, however, marble furniture, often has little margin of comparison, since it has a higher quality frequently and natural.

  • marbles Alfa Marmi

furnishing marble

Unattivit, to Alfa Marmi, which determines that something real and material, perceived as an incentive to give even more uniqueness to us that one already by itself that fascinates and involves, the growing demand for contemporary environments less artificiali.La Collection 10 Ten Designers. Ten washbasins. A substance. Curated the artistic direction by Daniele Della Porta, and which took place allultima Design week in Milan, sinserisce in this frank and simple picture, whose frame the wisdom of doing, the genuineness of the ideas and betting. Alfa Marmi are used to being the hand that creates the visions of sculptors, architects and interior designers eladesione to this new project was not that one of the test stands for so much memory and entrepreneurial culture. The synthesis of countless marble performance, but also enterprise on a straight comparison between designers and artisans, to the idee.Dunque Alfa Marmi service presented in the heart of Brera, at the Milan Design Week 2015, the Collection 10: Ten marble sinks designed by Studio AAIDO MA, Emmanuel Babled, Lorenzo Damiani, Daniele Della Porta, Francesco Faccin, Diego Grandi, Gordon Guillaumier, Charles Martin and Stefano Roscini, Marcello Panza, Paolo Ulian.

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