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Big news for OKITE that launches a new line of engineered kitchen sinks in partnership with CM Sinks. But let's step back, what OKITE? OKITE a product which originates from the skillful combination of quartz, polyester resin and natural pigments, designed and built by Seieffe Industries, Made in Italy company based in Montesarchio (BN), the world leader in the production of quartz agglomerate slabs , and marketed by SIC (Italian Society Commercial). OKITE become unicona, synonymous with excellence, consisting as to 93 # 37 of quartz, one of the most resistant minerals and of greater appeal, capable of generating a surface multifunzionale.Sono both models of sinks of OKITE range by CM Tech: EstetIKO (in the second image) exclusive sink that top OKITE complete with a sophisticated effect "no look". Simple to install and clean, the sink is integrated into the kitchen top OKITE preserving the steel base. The second model is called PRATIKO (in the first picture), who has a removable drip tray in the dashboard always OKITE used as a trivet or as a cutting board. Sopratop installed ideal for daily use and for those who want to make the most of the features of this extraordinary material in the kitchen. How EstetiKO even PRATIKO been designed exclusively by OKITE.

  • top OKITE

Top kitchen OKITE

The novelties are not limited to sinks. Texture (second photo) In fact the new line of products OKITE able to offer exclusive finishes and unique designs to recreate natural environments and elegant. What distinguishes this line completely uneven and irregular surface, from a visual and tactile point of view which gives it a material effect without abdicating to the functionality and durability of this incredible materialeInoltre color nuances make it unique and unrepeatable every single piece of the surface. The end result an extraordinary aesthetic impact and unique compared to other materials used for kitchen countertops. In conclusion, Texture is the most appropriate product for those looking for a designer kitchen floor but with the functionality and typical properties of OKITE.

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