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  • Krion Poercelanosa Group

A hot surface and pleasant to the touch

It is Krion, the next-generation solid surface developed by Porcelanosa Group. It composed of two-thirds of natural minerals (ATH: Aluminum trihydrate) and by a small percentage of high-strength resins. This composition gives the Krion some exclusive special feature: the absence of pores, antibacterial properties, hardness, strength, durability, reduced maintenance and repair, ease of pulizia.La its warm and pleasant to the touch surface can resist attack concentrated acids; resistant to all types of stains and does not change with the use of chemicals, including solvents. Moreover, its heat resistance and its fire retardant properties allow it to stay in contact with any heat source without any harm.

  • Krion Porcelanosa

Versatility above all

The use of Krion in the kitchen approved by the UNE-EN ISO 1186, since a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material, which takes property without any kind of additives, than other materials that achieve these advantages thanks to the mixture of biocides to which the bacteria can become immune with the passage of time. For this reason, a suitable material for use in medical facilities, recommended both in clinics and in the rooms of hospitals, infirmaries and operating rooms, where hygienic conditions are to be estreme.Krion offers unampia range of possibilities finishings in over 100 colors to the purest white, able to meet the many demands of the world of design. You can create complex shapes of all types without any difficulty. Its easy handling and ductility allow designers to imagine endless possibilities with which to give shape to their ideas.

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