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  • Hi Macs

Solid surface surfaces

How is HI-MACS acrylic stone, one of the most popular solid surfaces, created? HI-MACS®, produced by LG Hausys, distributed in Italy by Bonomi Pattini, provides a rather simple heating process and boasts 3D thermoplastic molding properties, thus allowing the creation of projects without visible joints and offering a virtually unlimited range of colors that , in some chromatic shades, it is characterized by a special translucency when exposed to light.HI-MACS® is a robust material almost like stone, however it can be worked like wood: it can in fact be cut, beveled, drilled or sanded. HI-MACS® is made using a latest generation technology: advanced heat treatment: thermal cure. The temperature reached during the production process distinguishes HI-MACS® compared to other acrylic stones, developing a more compact compound with an even more robust and durable structure, equipped with a greater degree of resistance and better thermoplastic pliability. -MACS® does not absorb moisture, is extremely stain resistant, easy to clean, maintain and repair. Various international certifications confirm the exceptional qualities of HI-MACS® in terms of environment, hygiene and fire resistance. It is the first Solid Surface material on the market to have obtained the ETA (European Technical Approval) Certification for external facades - in the Alpine White S728 shade. HI-MACS® has a fifteen year warranty, the longest on the market, for products manufactured and distributed by a member of the network of authorized HI-MACS® Quality Club manufacturers and distributors.

  • Hi Macs installation

Solid surface design

HI-MACS®, natural acrylic stone, is able to take on any shape. It is a material widely used for interior fittings and architectural projects with sculptural forms and high performance, which include facades, wall or kitchen claddings, bathrooms and furniture surfaces, in commercial complexes, private spaces and public places HI-MACS® is made up of acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments which all together create a smooth, non-porous surface with no visible joints, meeting the highest standards from an aesthetic, constructive, functional and hygienic thus offering multiple advantages over conventional materials. HI-MACS® lends itself to endless applications on surfaces and coatings and is a true source of inspiration for creative minds around the world. Famous designers have created extraordinary projects with HI-MACS®, developing kitchens and bathrooms, including furnishing accessories, and using this material in hotels, museums, commercial complexes and on the external facades of buildings. : the concept of the 'two opposite worlds' adopted for the installation by LG Hausys, designed by Marcel Wanders for the 2015 Fuorisalone, a real sensory experience. In this space, where reason and emotion meet, HI-MACS® has turned into art. The technical and functional identity of HI-MACS® takes on almost poetic aspects in this installation. In addition to the solid surface, LG Gracia wallpaper was used to cover the various pieces of furniture, while an extraordinary laminate was used for the wall covering, usually used to enhance appliances and devices, but not structures.

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