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  • Mamba Cristaplant MDF Italy

Solid surface 100% Made in Italy

A technologically advanced composite material, composed of unelevata percentage of natural minerals (ATH derived from bauxite) and a low percentage of polyester and acrylic polymers of high purity: this Cristalplant, an inert material, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Cristalplant the solid surface 100 # 37 Made in Italy because invented and produced in the research and development center of Nicos International SpA, at its Italian technological headquarters located portobuffolè, in the province of material now Treviso.Il heritage made of companies in Italy dellalto range. With limited investments can create objects from above stylistic and technological content.

  • cristalplant biobased

Cristalplant also bio-based!

Cristalplant is appreciated design nellarredo in dellarredobagno sector for the construction of shower trays, tubs and custom sinks. It 'also used in the hospital sector for the realization of trays and countertops, in the naval shipbuilding sector and for the remaining darredo. Leading companies and leading designers have opted for Cristalplant especially for its velvety finish similar to natural stone. Nicos International has recently created Cristalplant® biobased, innovative material made of 50 # 37 from minerals and the remaining 50 from # 37 bioresina polyester. It can be defined as the first solid surface environmentally sustainable, since it derives from raw resinous of vegetable origin mixed with natural inert minerals of extreme purity materials.

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