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recomposed in real wood veneers

To meet the industry in the field of design trends, the reconstituted real wood veneers are an excellent solution: planners and purchasing ...

veneer Busnelli International

Busnelli International company among the major players in the production of solutions The industry continues dell'arredo.L'evoluzione, together with expertise in which he has always invested make it a reference for the industrial reality of the furniture sector, thanks to the variety of application-specific solutions, which satisfy the most differenti.In action needs long on the market, Busnelli International supplies industry and the furniture craftsman with a full range of in soluzioni.L'innovazione every production process, the professionalism of an enthusiastic team, the spirit of initiative, research and ingenuity are the cornerstones that distinguish Busnelli International, will accompany the journey of growth and ensure the successo.I made solutions developed by Busnelli International are born thanks to investments in research and development, which allow Busnelli International to try new materials and finishes to create unprecedented mix, or to improve methods produttivi.Le collaboration of design studios, designers and technicians allows propose solutions really able to meet the real expectations of customers, with whom Busnelli International has a costante.L'affidabilit dialogue which Busnelli International warranty also confirmed by prestigious certifications obtained from each of the brand that respects the rules vigore.L'obiettivo of each project? Anticipate customer demands that require innovative answers very quickly and propose specific solutions.