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sheared spotti

Spotti Tranciatioffre a range of natural veneers, reconstituted and special processes such as smoked and scratched

Sliced u200bu200bwood Cesano Maderno

Cesano Maderno one brand among the main actors in the production of accessories for mobile The industry, so synonymous with excellence, both in products and in services offered. This makes it the appropriate systems partner for The industry of mobile.Obiettivo of Cesano Maderno the offer of accessories with the highest quality, for custom user destinations, simple and versatile, to make the most livable and safe home .the demands of business customers are challenges to be faced as a growth opportunity. In this Cesano Maderno so continually at the forefront of technology and design produttivit.Ogni passage that leads to the development of a component it is done with care, from the initial concept through to production, to offer products that allow better customization by companies clienti.Questo allows the space in the most different areas of internal dellarredo and to respond to any request, from the simplest to the most sofisticata.Per achieve this Cesano Maderno employs a novel continuous approach, investigating technical processes and innovative processes. Thus each piece can respond to those who want to shape environments with a personalized style without giving up a very effective technique.