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Il Tranciato ensures a high rate of customization thanks to the use of laser cutting machines for different types of materials, in addition to wood

The Tranciato

Buyers and design studios can contact the Tranciato company, which over the years has become one of the largest companies in the sector of veneer ...

veneer The veneer

The veneer brand among the leaders in the production of accessories The industry of mobile.L'incessante determination, together with expertise in which he has always invested make it an interlocutor for the furniture sector player, thanks to the expanded range of application-specific accessories, which satisfy the most disparate.Presente demands on the market for decades, the veneer supplies the industry and the craftsman of the cabinet with a complete collection of accessori.L'ammodernamento in every processing, the experience an enthusiastic team, the spirit of enterprise, research and ingenuity are the skills that have always distinguished the veneer, will accompany the growth path and will determine the outcome positivi.Le accessories designed by the veneer are possible thanks to commitment to research and development, which allow the veneer to experiment with new materials and finishes, and to propose new mixes, or to improve methods produttivi.Il contribution of design studios, designers and technicians allows to develop accessories really capable of meeting the real expectations of client companies, with which the veneer entertains a costante.La safety comparison referred the veneer also underlined guarantee from the main certifications obtained by each component of the brand, which observes the rules vigore.Lo challenge of each project? Anticipate the needs of client companies, who need innovative responses in fast times and develop customized solutions.