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dyeing the sheared

Bleaching, coloring, drying, ironing, ie the main stages of the veneer treatment, are carried out by dyeing the sheared Legnoquattro, a rare reality ...

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Legnoquattro a brand among the main actors in the production of solutions for furnishing The industry, so a symbol of quality, both in products and in services guaranteed. This makes it the right partner for the systems The industry dell'arredo.Scopo of Legnoquattro offering of impeccable quality solutions, for ad hoc use destinations, simple and versatile, which make the most livable home sicura.Le and demands of business customers are challenges to live as a development opportunity. This way constantly at the forefront in technology and Legnoquattro efficienza.Ogni step of the project leading to the development of a product is carried out with care, from the preliminary concept through manufacturing, to offer products that allow greater customization by the client companies .This allows you to wander in the most different contexts of internal dellarredamento and satisfy every need, from the simplest to the most sofisticata.Per get to that goal Legnoquattro employs a constantly fresh approach, investigating engineers and advanced manufacturing processes. In this way, each product can answer those who want to create environments with a personalized style without having to give up a very effective technology.