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  • dyeing the sheared

Bleaching and staining of the wood

Legnoquattro one of the only dry cleaners wood on mondiale.In scale two modern structures, with two different procedures, the firm makes all of the veneer treatment steps: bleaching, coloring, drying, stiratura.La production Legnoquattro addresses manufacturers of furniture, panels, plywood, of boats and automotive industries.

  • dry wood

No limit to the colors of the veneer

There is no limit to Legnoquattro provider of colors and shades, as well as the types of wood ranging from burl, maple, walnut, toulipier, wenge, Movingui, cherry, teak, up to but, etymology, Tanganyika, kot, maple and many others. "Try to break the veneer" claim in the company: "you will see that the color penetrated in depth throughout its thickness, enhancing the grain and the typical peculiarities of each timber, making it more precious ".

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