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Engineered veneers, smoked, scratched

Spotti Sliced u200bu200bCesano Maderno processes and markets veneers of the most known types of wood. The enterprise in the course of its history is specialized nellimportazione and trade of veneers that nellacquisto and transformation of logs from all over Europe. Following the demand for new products on the market we have recently been added to the product range some novelties such as engineered veneers and veneers with special processes such as smoked and scratched.

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At the service and furniture makers not only

The finished product, whose testing and storage takes place in the wide spaces of Cesano Maderno (more than 5,000 square meters), intended for the most diverse applications nellarredamento (furniture, doors, panels) but also to boating and so on, and it offers both nationally and estero.Grazie the organizational capacity, the professionalism and the quality of business decisions, lattivit of Spotti Tranciati continuous renewal and continues to expand, especially abroad.

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