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  • recomposed in real wood veneers

Made in Italy of sliced

Born in 1936, Busnelli International specializes in the creation and distribution of reconstituted real wood veneers for furniture, architecture and contract design. Over 70 years of activity experienced by three generations have allowed the company to accumulate a wealth of experience and expertise unparalleled in the industry. Busnelli International currently has a leading position nationally and especially internationally: global markets in fact require the Made in Italy products and materials quality, taste and design.Il portfolio of Busnelli International clients include large enterprises the furniture industry reference, as manufacturers of doors and furniture in general, but also the architecture industry and interior design.

  • reconstituted veneers

A wide selection of engineered veneers multilaminar

The engineered veneers Busnelli International are remarkably versatile and guarantee consistently high quality standards and estetici.Ma exactly what a sliced u200bu200bveneer? The multilayered sliced u200bu200bveneer of real wood is the evolution of natural veneers, which allows to maintain quality and peculiarities, offering a chance to overcome its limitations in terms of color continuity, repeatability and variety of textures and availability for large supplies for industrial production. The sheared sheared collections reassembled Busnelli International include a wide and varied selection of proposals addressed to the furniture, to architecture and interior design, chosen to offer the best ongoing essences, or the most current and trend, and provide the best support for each intended use at a great quality / price ratio.

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