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Wood: a passion for several generations

Giacomo Seralvo & Figli has been dealing with wood for over a century: there is no doubt that the company can boast a long and consolidated experience in this field. Always "We look for, cut, work and market wood all over the world" specify the Seralvo brothers and add: "We offer high quality combined with a precise and punctual service". Over 180 species of wood are available in the Meda warehouse. Worldwide; they are made sliced and sawn in all sizes to meet the most varied needs.

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Sliced for every request

From large industry to small craftsmen: any customer can find the most traditional woods, as well as the most sought after, at Seralvo. "It is quite difficult for the customer to leave our company without having identified the wood he is looking for, in the color and shades he needs" say the owners. Giacomo Seralvo & Figli follows tradition but is able to stay in step with the times. The company is constantly updated on the demands and trends of the market, which is why it is difficult to find it without the required material. In the company, the woods designated by the latest fashion are available, but also those that furnish the most classic residences.

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