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Slices of the most varied origins

MA.VI based in Cesano Maderno has been operating for over forty years in the real wood veneer sector, producing and marketing veneers on national and international markets and offering high quality services, new proposals and ideas for innovative and trendy solutions. he area of Interior Design, boasts among its customers important realities of the furniture industry. The vast assortment of veneers from the most varied origins, sizes and thicknesses, is composed for about 70 # 37 of veneers, hard woods and selected trunks, which are selected through careful research, identifying the best areas and cutting the product at the origin. The sustainable use of raw materials is a priority objective for MA.VI and is expressed in the attention that the company places towards the protection of the environment.

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The high quality of the veneers

MA.VI guarantees the quality of the veneers, carefully selected in compliance with the international regulations established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC trademark, alongside MA.VI, identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible way, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards, working to improve the management of forests all over the world. Knowing wood from its shape to its deepest essence, MA.VI also offers traditional and pre-finished parquet, showing quality and variety of range with the balance between tradition and technological avant-garde. availability and regular continuity of the formats and essences most requested by the market, MA.VI prepares high quality controlled collections ready for delivery, moreover the company operates with the utmost competence, having qualified and specialized technicians for estimates, consultancy, inspections and anything else that can satisfy any need.

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