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Marmomac, a natural stone fair

They are già Sold out the exhibition spaces of Marmomac's 26-th edition 2017, the mostù An important and rich international salon dedicated to the natural stone chain. From raw and finished products, machineries, technology and accessories to the latest applications in architecture and design, all the troverà compartment at the Fiera di Verona; A complete expression. L’ issue of this’ yearè Was presented at the Terrazza Martini in Milan by Maurizio Danese and Giovanni Mantovani, respectively president and general manager of Veronafiere SpA, together with Luciano Galimberti, president of Adi-Association for Industrial Design, Raffaello Galiotto, designer, and Luca Molinari, historian and Architectural critic. L-26 - The stone industry is experiencing its d’ gold: in 2016, 26-rsquo; actività World-wide è Increased by 3 # 37 compared with 2015, reaching 145 million tons of marble and granite extracts. The added value of materials processed by Italian companies recorded the most historic, touching the price of 60 euros per square meter against an average of competitors that stops at 32 euros. Dedicated machineries and technology made in Italy cover 38 # 37 of total sales and the leading role in business, culture, training and experimentation remains in Verona, identifying itself with Marmomac.

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Marmomac, a global platform

  “ Marmomac – Comments Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere – Each new edition strengthens its global platform leadership for business, training and innovation related to natural stone&rdquo ;. A prominent role also recognized by the Italian government, which since Marmomac has included Marmomac as one of the strategic initiatives for the Extraordinary Promotion Plan for Made in Italy, carried out by the Mass, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ice-Agency. -nbsp; “ Also for this edition –   Danish adds - continues the development path of the event that sarà Further strengthened by the recent transformation of Veronafiere in SpA, the new industrial plan from € 100 million in investment to 2020 and digital transformation” The key to Marmomac's success lies primarily in the capacityà To combine business with the culture of a product that has millennia traditions in Italy but always looks to the future. Just this concept troverà Expression in the 26th edition of The Italian Stone Theater’ a pavilion of 3,500 square meters set up in collaboration with Mise, Ice and Confindustria Marmomacchine and in which three exhibitions &ndash ; ‘ Territory & Design’ ‘ Virtuose Machines’ And ‘ Soul of City’ – Will illustrate the interaction between stone, processing technology, experimentation and design through state-of-the-art 26-dc designs signed by well-known architects and designers.

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An international point of reference

Even in this 52nd edition, as in all the previous ones, the main keyword of Marmomac sarà “ internationalityà &rdquo ;. Suffice it to think that in 2016, the 64 # 37 of the 1,670 exhibitors and the 60 # 37 of the 67,000 visitors came from abroad, from more than 145 nations. Data for 2017 is not yet definitive, however it appears già Certainly the 26-rdquo; increase of foreign companies with new presences of 26-rsquo; Argentina, Georgia, 26-rsquo; Ireland, Mexico and Slovenia. Among collectives of già buyer; Confirmed are those of some countries such as Iran, the fifth stone manufacturer in the world, and South Korea, the third importer of materials in the 26th Asian area. &The international Marmomac profile - explains Giovanni Mantovani, general manager of Veronafiere - grows at every edition because he is 26-year-old; pu&memorize options; Count on the VeronaFiere initiative program that presides over North America, North Africa and South America, where we are present with Veronafiere do Brasil, the Group's subsidiary, not forgetting the 26-rsquo; exploration of new markets such as Lebanon, meta Quest’ year of commercial mission ‘ We speak stone’ ”

  • Marmomacc 2017 the marble fair

Marmomac, dating 2017

Always in the 26-rdquo; optic to increase the presence of operators coming from the 26-rsquo; overseas, also for this 2017 è Marmomac's collaboration with Ice and Confindustria Marmomacchine has been confirmed among the 26-agrave activities; Linked to the Special Promotion Plan of Made in Italy promoted by the Mass. Verona Trade Fair will host selected trade delegations that will be the focus of b2b meetings, technical training and visits to local companies. Among the events to be missed are the third edition of the 26th International Stone Summit, the world-wide conference on natural stone that sees the participation of the main international marble associations. After its debut in 2016, it also confirmed the award of the award-266-lsquo; Icon Award&rsquo ;: Among the works exhibited all’ interior of The Italian Stone Theater&rsquo ; sarà Choice one that will become 26-agrave; Then the 26-th picture of the Marmomac 2018 campaign. Still, for the sixth year andrà On stage Marmomac & The City, an event that takes the streets and courtyards of Verona's historic center 12 works and stone installations. Finally, the Best Communicator Award, Marmomac Award for Care and All’ originalà Of’ fixture exhibition of exhibiting companies.