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  • Alpi and Zaha Hadid

Alps and the elements in common with Zaha Hadid

Alpi, a historic company of reference in the production of decorative composite wood surfaces and the first company in the world to have industrialized the manufacturing process - is the technical partner in collaboration with ARTE PARTNERS of the first posthumous exhibition dedicated to the architect Zaha Hadid, inaugurated on May 26 in coinciding with the opening of the fifteenth International Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale. The exhibition hosted by the Berengo Foundation at Palazzo Franchetti, until next November 27, pays tribute to the great architect who passed away this year, celebrating his career and recounting the ingenuity and dynamism of his architectural projects. artisan culture enhance a living material such as wood which, thanks to Alpi's commitment, evolves to satisfy every design need through the constant activity of R&D, which has always been the basis of the company philosophy; characteristics common to the works of Zaha Hadid who during her career has supported the continuous experimentation and exploration of different architectural techniques. Alpi has supplied the woods to create the model of the Sleuk Rith Institute. Project still under construction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia which includes a museum, a research center, a graduate school, archives and a research library. Consisting of five wooden structures separated at ground level, but which intertwine and connect rising upwards, defining an intricate spatial composition of the connecting volumes; generating a series of external and internal spaces that flow into each other to guide visitors through the different areas dedicated to contemplation, education, engagement and discussion. Alpi products have been chosen precisely for their ability to be extremely versatile and ensure unlimited design potential; the material was in fact perfect for adapting to the dynamic and fragmented forms of the architect's projects. Another expression of these characteristics can be found on display in the coatings of some furniture models always signed by Zaha Hadid Architects: a new demonstration of the flexibility of Alpi wood that can be applied to any surface and product.