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  • Alps excellence in the world of wood

Shape, form, wood finishes: a total design experience

The London Design Festival, to be held 17 to 25 September 2016, the great event of the design to which the Alps could not mancare.Ed on this occasion, in the Danish House scene of Chelsea, who will present the new collection of sheared Xilo 2.0 designed by the genius of Pietro Lissoni in collaboration with a multinational Lema.Alpi always focused on the future, a point of reference in the production of wooden surfaces composto.Si stands out as the first company in the world to industrialise the production process decorative wood surfaces composed. well established Unidentit which is characterized by the strong sense of belonging to the subject, experimentation, technology that blends harmoniously with linnata expertise and strong propensity to always face new paths.

  • Alps: Sliced u200bu200bveneer, panels, wood

Lema and Alps excellence at the service of design

Lema and Alps have in common a deep sensitivity and inclination for culture manifatturiera.In this area ranks the design genius of Pietro Lissoni, which enhances the finished product through the definition of the material and its technical characteristics and creates estetiche.Alpi the starting material of the woodwork that is made unique through a process that makes it highly customizable and configurable to put the industrys service and design.

  • Alps: customization and personalization of the wood

Customization and manufacturing sartorialit as distinctive character

The standard is banned, word Dordine customization than ever now require in the quality and choice of materiali.Alpi creates woods that stand out for the quality of an industrial product with strong tailoring connotations. We only possible thanks to the deep knowledge of the materials, the manufacturing know-how gained over nearly a century of attivit.Al Fuori Salone in Milan Alps presented its new and exciting novelty as the inauguration of the new showroom Brera, the new website and the new proposals designed by Lissoni, by the Campana Brothers and Front.E from here that new Alpine woods are dressed with original decorative effects that squeeze the eye to the natural world and fascinated contemporary experimentation of art dellintarsio.Ed right here, in sheared Alpilignum, emanating deep design knowledge of the Alps and its ability to create unique wood pattern, the result of a process that combines industry and sartorialit.Il catalog with more than 90 proposals, it still enriches and makes available all the collections in stock.

Alps: a reality in continuous growth and development

Alps a technological reference point in the production landscape and the legno.Ci processing that makes them perfect control sullintera chain so as to guarantee a product eco-responsible, versatile and design.Lampiezza the range, customizing the result of constant research and design make the Alps a leader at the level of the world's multinational that develops on a 180.000mq settlement in Italy and 346,500 in Africa, with a widespread distribution in 60 countries.