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Alps, among the most important international companies in the Nellambito decorative recomposed wood surfaces, participated in Interzum 2015 in Cologne, presenting a preview of its most innovative products, in line with the motto All You Need Is Light: you is in fact new woods interacting with luce.E precisely the light will constitute the theme of the Alps stand, in line with the appointment by the dellUnesco of 2015 as Year of light-Based Technologies. At Interzum Alpi offers new Radiant woods, Boreal, Silver Rail and Apollo as well as Zerof, laminar wood veneer zero added formaldehyde.

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Radiant Alps, the winner of the material Best of the Best Award Interzum Award 2015, a successful example UNION between wood and light. A wooden path from the resin lines, which allows light to filter through, creating unique scenic impacts and effects that introduce new application possibilities in the field dellinterior design. Boreal a timber that presents a reflecting micro inclusions that give the material a precious gloss similar to that of mother of pearl. Silver Rail, instead, a wood characterized by the reflection of light due allunione of wood and metal. It represents the synthesis of two seemingly antithetical materials, in which the softness and warmth of the wood blend with the shine and metal rigor. Apollo, finally, a wooden panel with a textured material, complemented by an all-metal finish offered in the colors gold platino.Ai old and new design woods, Alps associates delleco-responsibility value through Zerof, a multilaminar wood obtained with adhesives with no added formaldehyde. With Zerof ALPS anticipates market demands and any legislation to provide a healthy wood, which reduces the pollution indoors. Zerof can help achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).