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  • recomposed wood Alpi

Recomposed wood

What do we mean when we talk about recomposed wood? This kind of wood is created through a production process in which the trunk is peeled. The sheets are then dyed by dipping and recomposed into a new trunk by overlapping. This type of processing minimizes scraps compared to the use of traditional wood and allows to obtain a reproducible product, free from the typical defects of classic wood and with superior quality characteristics. Careful controls and tailoring processes ensure the best quality of the product.The best recomposed wood is proposed by the absolute leader in the production of decorative surfaces in multi-laminar wood: Alpi, which was the first company in the world to industrialize the manufacturing process of this material. To decree its uniqueness, the perfect coexistence between technology and manual work: on the one hand, Alpi is pure innovation that anticipates market demands; on the other, meticulous tailoring. Over the years, Alpi has become a professional partner of large luxury companies, giants of the automotive and nautical sectors as well as prestigious realities of furniture, product design, interior architecture and 360 ° contract, ranging from hôtellerie to multi- apartment, from retail to offices and public spaces.

  • Alpi recomposed wood

The recomposed wood of Alpi

Alpi does not only produce pre-composite wood, but guarantees maximum customization, through a variety that is unique in the world in terms of essences, reproducing colors and veins of natural woods to perfection or creating solutions not found in nature, with completely new color effects, satisfying every creative need of planners and designers. The guarantee of continuity of supply over time, even for large batches, of the products in the catalog but also of some customized products represents another important added value that has allowed the Group to establish itself as a reliable partner in the world of industry and design. Alpi products are extremely versatile and allow any type of application on horizontal and vertical surfaces. There are numerous proposals available in the catalog that the company continually updates and enriches to always offer the state of the art to its customers. The vastness of the range is reflected in the heterogeneity of the target audiences and the main reference markets are: furniture, for the horizontal and vertical coverings of furnishings and accessories, interior architecture for horizontal and vertical surfaces, parquet, door coverings and doors and windows, boiserie; contract, automotive, product design and nautical.