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recomposed wood

What sintende when speaking of recomposed wood? This kind of wood is created using a production process in which the peeled trunk. The sheets are subsequently dyed by immersion and reassembled into a new trunk for overlap. This type of processing minimizes wastage compared allimpiego of traditional wood and allows to obtain a reproducible product, free of the defects typical of the classical timber and equipped with superior qualitative characteristics. Tailoring and careful controls ensure the best quality of prodotto.Il best recomposed wood is proposed by the absolute leader in the production of decorative surfaces in multi laminar wood: the Alps, which was the first company in the world to industrialize the manufacturing process of this material . A decree lunicit, the perfect coexistence of technology and manual labor: on one side of the Alps in fact pure innovation that anticipates market demands; dallaltro, meticulous sartorialit. Alps over the years become a professional partner of the big luxury companies, giants dellautomotive and boating as well as prestigious actually dellarredamento, product design, interior dellarchitettura and 360 contract ranging dallhtellerie the multi-apartment, from retail to offices and public spaces.