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  • The revolution in wood curving

Bend the wood, creating soft shapes

Duxilon a patented and revolutionary process that allows you to model and shape MDF or particle board to develop soft and original forms, with no visible seams and with different thicknesses, so far not achievable through tradizionali.Si technology is a new way to model wood to create unique and original features. Curving panels of MDF or chipboard can: perform rounded corners at will, create items of furniture with rounded corners and no visible joints, combine different thicknesses, intersect panels, creating soft shapes, all panels and using common coating materials use in the furniture industry.

  • curved wood

Materials and finishes of the curvature

The materials with which it can produce the wood are curved in Duxilon MDF and chipboard with thicknesses ranging from 12 to 80 mm and oltre.I coatings usable in the production of curved semi-finished for interior furnishings are the following: wood veneers, alps, veneers, reconstituted, melamine PVC, CPL, PET, ABS, paper.

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