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  • Cafim aluminum systems

The lightness of aluminum in furniture systems

Cafim is a family business founded in the early Eighties, which, from furniture knobs and handles, has subsequently specialized over the years in the design and construction of aluminum systems for the furniture industry, with particular interest in the world of furniture. walk-in wardrobes, modular wall systems, bookcases and lately also sliding doors, using aluminum as the main material.The company is a leader in the range of systems dedicated to walk-in closets and pays particular attention to research and continuous specialization to always ensure a product that meets the demands of the market.

  • Cafim aluminum system

The entire in-house production

Each production phase (cutting, drilling, milling of aluminum, molding of zamak, turning, powder and liquid painting, packaging and final shipping) takes place within the company which is based in Misinto (MB) between Milan and Como. The materials used are exclusively of Italian production. The synergy that is created between the technical department and that of the customers allows to optimize the research and development process, aimed at the conception and realization of customized products and systems that respond effectively to the needs of the market.

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