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  • legs of the table Gieffe

But the legs .... if they are to be perfect table!

Gieffe, a division of Formenti & Giovenzana based in Veduggio con Colzano (MB), specializing in the production of furniture accessories, in particular legs for tavoli.Grazie to constant investment in Research & Development, launched a new Gieffe type of table legs called XL series, which stands out in terms of design and functionality.

  • legs to the table Gieffe

The series of XL table legs

The Gieffe XL series includes four new legs, the most important dimensions and sections with round, elliptical, square or rectangular, which opens up new horizons for the image of the table, thanks to the possibility of different positions with respect to the floor, depending on the situation and the particular esigenze.Ma Gieffe does not stop at new designs and continues to invest in improving the most common products in its range. Hence the new patented plate Y4RG that allows the leg a greater fixing to the floor and sealing resistance.