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lacquered cycles without aromatic solvents

OEEC has always manifested a great respect for the environment: sustainable development one of its most important values. It dates back to the sixties and seventies the formulation of products with the first innovative waterborne resins. Later, in the eighties, they were developed the Dharma projects and Rama-Dharma devoted to the formulation of coating products with low-solvent and was conceived the first coating system for glass completely water-based. In 2007 came the first line of OEEC products in the presence of co-solvents of less than 5 # 37.E we come to the present day: the constant balance designed to ensure the most high performance in terms of quality and innovation with the most environmentally friendly , come the new OEEC lacquered cycles aromatic solvent-free and without a cross on the label. Fast, designed for high productivity industrial painting, are dedicated to the furniture industry and kitchen cabinet doors. They are characterized by high chemical-physical resistance and meet the requirements of the legislation R2 IKEA IOSMAT-0066 reference. Excellent results were obtained in tests regarding water reactions, paraffin, coffee, ethyl alcohol, dry heat and permeability of scratch. New lacquered cycles, all composed of aromatic products free and uneccellente performance aesthetics, are dedicated to the painting of furniture and paneling with raised panel doors, backs of closets or large surfaces, panels and edges.

lacquered cycle

The cycle lacquered paneling furniture and textured doors applied on raw MDF cut and grooved. Consisting of 1 hand dellisolante White PU 238-9014 / 2, 2 coats of white sanded PU 238-9012 / 2:01 hand high coverage white finish PU 218-9007 / XX. Applicable with oscillating automatic sprayers and Cartesian robots. Excellent relaxing flat even with low weights, as well as excellent wetting of the edge, with good vertical hold and Cover spigolo.Il lacquered cycle to the backs of closets applicable on raw MDF. Consisting of 2 primers white sanded PU 238-9012 / 2:01 hand high coverage white finish PU 218-9007 / XX. Applicable with oscillating automatic sprayers, Cartesian robots and air circulation plants. Excellent flow even at low level grammature.Il cycle lacquered panels and borders and plans applicable to raw MDF. The fund-white finish PU 218-9009 / XX applicable in multiple hands after sanding with oscillating automatic sprayers and Cartesian robots. Good flow in the floor even with low weights, high penetration of the board, excellent vertical hold and set edge coverage. The white finish high coverage PU 218-9007 / XX pigmented in a wide hue of colors with universal pastes PU aromatic free 241-XXXX. It also provided a transparent pigmented vehicle with the same universal pastes for playing dark lacquered.