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  • Rehau profiles and edges

Edges for all types of machining

Rehau, a leading company in the development of components for the furniture The industry, reorganized and expanded its range of RAUKANTEX edges. Including solutions suitable to all edging technologies without joints, a new board with glue layer already prepared in standard colors and a classic glue solution, the three lines of polymeric Rehau edges meet any requirement in terms of design and workmanship, offering producers the highest quality furniture and aesthetic levels and a unique partner of choice in providing bordi.La laser welding of the edges involved in the past almost all areas of the furniture industry. Sensing from the beginning for PPE potential of this technology, Rehau was the first provider on the market to develop a border solution in pure polymers - RAUKANTEX edge laser technology is also compatible with the extras later to allow you to join edge and panel, no leaks No adhesives, and optimize production processes. RAUKANTEX laser edge RAUKANTEX pro is then renamed, indicating the family of boards suitable for all types of processing, from laser and hot air, plasma infrared (NIR: Near Infrared Radiation). The special functional polymer layer RAUKANTEX pro, a matching nylon on the visible side of the board, in fact dissolves optimally in all casting processes, allowing you to get a perfect ununione or almost as invisible escape.

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