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  • adjustable working surface Optop

Adjust the heights of the top either in the office or in the kitchen

Several international studies show that alternate work while seated at work standing is very good for health, since it improves our habitual posture, spare us the common and widespread pain in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae and allows you to burn more calories during year. It would be enough to stand up for ten minutes every hour, perhaps relaxing the muscles of the upper limbs and, if you do not want to just take a break from their occupations, raise the work plan to promote a more active position. Abroad, particularly in Scandinavia and the Central European countries, the working height adjustable shelves (sit-stand) are widespread in public offices and privati.In Italy, the concept sit-stand begins gradually to make his way. for example OpTop (in the first picture) one standing desk Made in Italy. Not only an excellent product, but responds with the ergonomics the need for health of current workers: its large work surface electrically adjustable in height and allows you to switch between the two postures, and sitting upright, thus promoting concentration and well-being. The lifting columns with low-energy unit are produced by Danish LINAK for years promoted the sit-stand philosophy. In addition to the standards proposed by OpTop, you can customize your model, choose between different colors and materials. OpTop also equipped with a variety of accessories with which to organize the work space or study: the noise barrier such increases privacy between workstations and improves the acoustic comfort.

  • LINAK lifting systems

Adjustable shelves in the kitchen

This is also the year of Eurocucina and among the most significant trends in the sector, include the ergonomic kitchens with worktops and adjustable islands. In fact, even in the kitchen, the presence of fixed top contrasts with the different heights of those who benefit from this environment or for cooking meals. The more high, for example, with a fixed work plane, must bend down to cut or slice, which in the long run causes discomfort and pain, especially lombari.Anche in this case come into play LINAK lifting columns, Th applied in different cuisines from some far-sighted specialists. The enterprise provides its customers secure systems, complete and ready to use, from moving parts such as the already mentioned lifting columns and linear actuators, up to the control units and control systems. For the second consecutive year, LINAK will present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan at the joint stand Danish livingroom, to the pavilion of ten. The global manufacturer of electric actuator systems, will be the only sub-supplies provider for larredo-design in the Danish stand, while the other participants will be known furniture manufacturers and designers.