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Why choose ergonomic furniture

Ergonomics: many talk about it, we all understand its importance, but what is its main objective? The most important is undoubtedly that of adapting the environment in which one lives and in particular the workplace to the nature of man. In fact, people do not have to adapt to the work environment, where they spend, over the course of their life, about 80,000 hours, of which 85 # 37 in a sitting position. But it must be the work environment that "molds itself" to people. Let's not forget that the sitting posture weakens the muscles, which are essential for supporting the human body. In addition, when seated, the pressure on the vertebrae increases, which causes damage to the spine and severe back pain. But also a herniated disc, due to almost always incorrect postures! And consequently malaise, absenteeism from work, decreased efficiency of employees and employees, economic consequences for companies .... This premise to highlight the importance of ergonomic workplaces, in which, for example, desks or worktops they must adapt to the person who works there. The reverse should never happen. This is why manufacturers and designers of tables, desks and office accessories have given more and more importance to the ergonomic aspect of furniture. To the importance of their height adjustment, to the possibility of working standing up, when necessary. It may sound strange: but how? Working standing up? Yet, working standing up increases productivity by 20 # 37, making you more responsive and focused. Plus, phone calls are shorter and decisions are quicker, saving you time. In general, changing your working position regularly activates the heart and circulatory system, strengthening muscle tone and preventing circulatory problems. These are the results of the research of a well-known professor, Alan Hedge, who dwelt a lot on the effects of a height-adjustable worktop and on ergonomic furniture.

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Well-being in the workplace

Among the companies that have always supported the "cause" of ergonomic office furniture, Linak stands out. DESKLINE® solutions from Linak have been improving various aspects of daily office life for years. A wide range of products dedicated to office tables and workstations ensure full freedom in the design phase, combining excellent design with excellent functionality. Backed by its long experience in the medical / hospital sector, Linak provides its customers with complete, safe and ready-to-use systems - from handling parts such as lifting columns and linear actuators, to control units and command systems. height-adjustable office furniture, for example: if these accessories are comfortable and ergonomic, they represent the basis for increasing productivity. A pleasant day in the office contributes to improving physical and mental well-being for employers and collaborators. For these reasons, Linak's DESKLINE® division develops linear movement systems combining excellent design with excellent functionality. Whether you are aiming for a system for simple entry and exit, or a more advanced system, DESKLINE® is able to satisfy every need in terms of functionality and design.