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The hom office with sit-stand desks

More and more people work from home, regularly keeping in touch with one or more clients or employers. So find a corner where to prepare your home become important office. Architects and designers always take more account of this need: usually avoids the sleeping area to arrange a corner of home office. The bedroom fact considered The area of u200bu200bthe posting and the night's rest. It opts instead for the living. Here the walls are usually avoids the pure white, since reflected light, developing a dazzling effect. Ideals, however, are the bright pastel colors in not too warm tones, as locra and cream, capable of absorbing the brightness. At this point there are two basic elements to consider: the seat and the work plan. The first has to be ergonomic and facilitate the positioning of the eyes, which must be at the same height of the upper edge of the screen. In this way, the look, is spontaneously inclined downwards of 10-15 degrees to which the eyes will look without any forcing the center of the monitor. The worktop must instead be anchesso ideally of a light color, but not white, also in this case not to dazzle. But above all, the desk should be height adjustable or sit-stand.

  • LINAK lifting system

The importance of the height adjustable floors

The height adjustable worktop is an increasingly marked tendency for the environment business. On the one bit of time, several manufacturers of furniture and office furniture following this trend with concrete proposals, since lalternanza work standing-seated work is also important for Lhome office. Get up with continuity, maintaining the upright position for ten minutes then, a habit which improves circulation, promotes weight loss and mental health. Thanks to this attitude, you can burn twenty thousand calories more per year, the equivalent of six annual marathons. Such scientific information is provided by Denmark (Source: helsedirektoratet Vidensrd for forebyggelse (DK) BBC), the Institute of Danish prevention) through the Danish company LINAK, a major manufacturer of lifting systems and electrical actuators for desks, work tables, but also to blocks and kitchen islands. With the LINAK lifting systems are born sit-stand desks that encourage the habit of standing up, now essential for businesses Because This latter behavior generates wellbeing among employees and optimal productivity in the company, with a significant reduction of absenteeism.