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Agile work: LINAK great protagonist

The Danish company LINAK, based in Italy in Buccinasco (MI), is not only synonymous with electric linear actuators and lifting columns for homes, offices and hospitals. Of course, that has been its core business for decades, but much more has developed around it: the LINAK brand today expresses a real lifestyle that pervades the solutions offered to customers all over the world. It is a lifestyle characterized by ergonomics and maximum comfort wherever one operates, from the office to the kitchen. A comfort that inevitably reflects on the health, especially of the workers, who remain inactive for 70 # 37 of the available time each day. Many studies show that sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 40 # 37, the enzymes that eliminate fat are reduced by 90 # 37 and all the efforts spent in the gym to lose weight are negated, LINAK promotes a new way of working: you need to take breaks, get up every now and then, and maybe even work standing up! Exactly: on your feet! In fact, from standing up, the risk of cancer is reduced by 35 percent, 50 calories more per hour are consumed than in a sitting position and muscle activity is 2.5 times greater than being glued to the chair (Sources: ,,, LINAK's electric linear actuators and lifting columns favor this mode of operation in the workplace or any additional situation of greater comfort thanks to the possibility of adjusting the desktops in height, reducing employee malaise, which translates into less absenteeism and great production benefits for companies.

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The event on Agile Work in Milan

The modus operandi promoted by LINAK and some other forward-looking companies is called Agile Work. This is why LINAK is one of the major sponsors of an important event that will take place in a few days in Milan, in a temple of fitness and "correct postures" as only a swimming pool can be. by the Municipality of Milan. Taking this opportunity, WOW! in cooperation with Milanosport, and various sponsors including LINAK, organizes the second edition of the WOW! Agile Work from 15 to 19 February 2016 at the Cozzi Pool in Viale Tunisia 35, in Milan, which already received considerable feedback last year. It is a coworking where we will discuss how to work in an agile mode and share experiences on "Smart Working". For a week the space of the grandstand on the second floor of the pool will be set up with original workstations and sofas for free available to anyone you want to work in Agile mode or take a relaxing break: pool-goers or passing smart workers can use shared desks or organize small meetings while sipping a coffee. New in the 2016 edition is the "conference" area created for meetings with a larger audience, for example the course with the Order of Architects of Milan (2 credits) or the seminar in collaboration with AREL dedicated to the relationship between Agile Work and urban development, where the councilor Chiara Bisconti will also be present. On the other hand, informal and more interactive meetings - Jelly Sessions - will take place in the lounge stations, dedicated to sharing experiences in Italy and abroad, but also to dealing with problems, raising questions or any doubts.