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A range of tissues every year

Mario Sirtori boasts a wide creative range of fabrics, renewed every year. Besides allestetica, allequilibrio of tones and colors, Mario Sirtori making a scrupulous control over the products, verifying the technical characteristics and carrying out the tests necessary to provide the fabric with a kind of identit.Questa sheet paper technique allows the customer to obtain the information necessary to decide the destination of the fabric or velvet (sofas, bedspreads, curtains and so on), placing it in various environments. Significant importance of the showroom, real showcase inside companys, where customers can see and touch the fabrics and velvets to choose according to your target market.

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woven Passion

Dates back to 1955, the founding of Mario Sirtori, a manufacturer of fabrics and velvets which over the years has seen a remarkable statement to become a reference point for the most famous names dellarredamento and design.Un success made of passion for work and great foresight, that only a few companies can achieve over time. The company of Costamasnaga (Luke) has always reacted to the crisis by constantly investing in research and development of new fabrics, in the technique of color processing, in the renewal of the plant and in particular, in the careful selection of the workforce. The Mario Sirtori Nellambito customers are actually cutting edge of design, always looking for ideas, new patterns and tactile sensations.