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  • solid surface smart

Solid surface that regenerates

The result of a long process of R&S, Fenix u200bu200bNTM Arpa Industriale realized thanks to new generation resins. Characterized by a low light reflection, the surface of Fenix u200bu200bNTM extremely opaque, anti fingerprints and pleasantly soft touch.Tramite the use of nanotechnology, Fenix u200bu200bNTM able to regenerate itself: any micro-scratches can indeed be repaired thermally. In order to develop a material with evocative surface ArpaLab has selected a range of decorative discreet charm. nature to inspire the palette of its colors: the warm white and those icy winter landscapes; the grays of still waters or those of pearlescent thunderous streams; the magnolia and beige that tell the essence of the earth; blue and black or deep dark starry skies.

  • New solid surface smart

Maximum resistance to the aggressions of all kinds

Arpa Industriale have designed Fenix u200bu200bNTM so as to be resistant to scratches, abrasion, to rubbing and to dry heat. The material resists very well to shocks, acids, solvents and household reagents. It presents unelevata abatement activity of bacteria that makes its hygienic surface and easy to pulire.Inoltre water-repellent and anti-mold. Fenix u200bu200bNTM can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and in a variety of applications: from the kitchens allhospitality, dallhealthcare to the baths, to the furnishings like tables, bookcases, chairs, partitions.

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