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  • nell'arredo modern light metals

light metals in furnishing

The presence of light metals in the sector dellarredo design is a marked tendency, in which knowledge and doing craft celebrating their revenge. We demonstrated dallimpiego of these materials in the latest collections of the great protagonists of world dellarredamento world, as Ingo Maurer and Piero Lissoni, who propose to join the research of contemporary design with materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, machined or grezzi.Nonostante the latest polls see a decrease in the light metals market (since Reuters), the positive expectations on investments are based on the belief that it is finally creating a supply deficit, designed to last for years, and the estimated & International lead Zinc Study Group aims for a boost to consumption that might result from the strong demand for steel also in foreign countries of Northern Europe, increased by 15 # 37 last year asserts Illesi GM, H2X AD, leader in Italy in the field of light metallic carpentry.

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