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The architecture connected to the Salon

The Furniture Fair involves all the insider, but especially Levento trends, lifestyles, the novelty of product, that something that conquister the consumer. But to insiders interesting all that is dietroil final product, namely materials and innovative ideas, the focus of architectural projects edinterior design.Ecco because there are great expectations for space&interiors , the event connected to the Mobile.Milano Show (12 to 17 April 2016). It is an important new appointment, able to draw attention of planners, designers, Italian and international buyers to the new trend in terms of finishes for the architecture. Verr also be an exhibition - New Components Code - which gather unattenta selection of the most significant products of each company participant in this progetto.Ma as born the initiative to this new event? space&interiors has originated from the experience of MADE expo that during the Milan Design Week will present the excellence of finishes for the architecture through a concept capable of providing the visitor an experience multisensory unique. space&interiors will analyze the narrative link between different materials offered by a selection of companies specializing in the production of innovative and cutting edge components: surfaces, floors, walls, color and decoration, doors, handles, finishes, wall , stairs, glass for the architecture, facade coatings and cladding, windows and facades, pergolas, gazebos, tents, darchitettura lighting, home automation, home automation and home entertainment.

The event the contest