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MDF panels

Currently the MDF panels are obtained mainly from virgin wood, and only in small part from recycled wood, given that the need of the timber cleaning process requires many steps and still not able to completely remove any foreign material. Plastic Killer fills this gap, helping to get completely purified recycled wood, therefore, be used to manufacture MDF panels of high quality complying with the standards, in the most sustainable and cost-effective way: it is estimated that up to 60 # 37 of this production could result from wooden riciclato.Inoltre wood coming out so pure by plastic Killer which can also be used as biomass for the production of clean energy, with no risk of data from polluting plastics, completely removed. The benefits are significant: with a maximum installed power of only 58 kilowatts, the plant can process about 78 tons per day of waste wood, avoiding the cutting of about 40 trees; considering both the carbon dioxide trapped by the trees is unused energy for avoiding their transport, it is estimated a reduction of total CO2 emissions by about 88 tons equivalent per day; Finally, the plant Plastic Killer, unlike other traditional, does not use water. In economic terms, the savings are enormous, estimated at approximately EUR 2,340 per day, ie more than 500 000 euro per year. The machine parameters have been defined and its design completed in 2014. The prototype was built and installed in early 2015 and the facility will soon be for sale.