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sustainable technology in alveolar panels in thermoplastic composites

Since 1999 Bencore manufactures special products for architecture, interior design and the shipping industry. The company, which grew over the years, however, maintained its core business, linked to the production of thermoplastic honeycomb composite panels with honeycomb structure. The Bencore honeycomb composite panels are among the few products in which technology, ecology and design combine perfectly by offering a combination of mechanical performance, lightness, transparency and color combined with a remarkable aesthetic characterization that despite attempts to imitate, make them unique in the their kind.

  • honeycomb composite panels

Research and continuous innovation

The range of honeycomb composite panels Bencore result of research and development across unattivit Italian in the field of cutting-edge technologies in the plastics industry. Transparency, mechanical strength, light weight, energy efficiency, logistics and installation, recyclability of materials and saving of raw material up to 50 # 37 over competing materials, make the products Bencore a true benchmark in the world dellarchitettura Dinterni . They are made entirely in Italy.

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