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Why 'choose ergonomic furniture

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The well-being in the workplace

Among the companies that always support the cause of ergonomic furniture in the office, stands Linak. The DESKLINE solutions Linak years improve various aspects of everyday life in the office. Unampia range of products dedicated to office desks and workstations ensure full freedom in the design phase by combining great design with functionality uneccellente. Building on its long experience in the medical / hospital sector, Linak provides its customers with complete systems, secure turnkey - from the parts of movement as lifting columns and linear actuators, control units and systems comando.Soffermiamoci on tables by height adjustable office, for example: if these accessories are comfortable and ergonomic form the basis for increasing productivity. A pleasant day at the office helps to improve the physical and mental well-being for both employers and employees. For these reasons, the DESKLINE Division develops Linak linear motion systems combining excellent design excellent functionality. Whether it points to a system for the easy getting on and off, or a more advanced system, DESKLINE able to meet every need in terms of functionality and design.